What is the Post-Post Davos Model of the World?

    John Cassidy, The New Yorker

    As the masters of the universe (and many journalists, too) gather for their annual confab in the Swiss ski resort of Davos, the world economy that they will be gazing down upon isn’t looking very healthy.

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    Europe's Migrant Crisis

    Jeanne Park, Council on Foreign Relations

    With nationalist parties ascendant in many member states, and concerns about Islamic terrorism looming large across the continent, it remains unclear if the bloc or its member states are capable of implementing lasting asylum and immigration reforms.

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    Why the Fed needs to prepare for the worst right now

    Lawrence Summers, Washington Post

    Often markets are volatile at the end of the year — as many traders go on holiday and those with losses unload them — and then settle down as a new year begins. Not this year.

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    Turning away from terror: deradicalisation in the UK

    Euronews Reports

    For Javed Khan, who came from Afghanistan seven years ago, coming to ACF changed his life.

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    Middle–East Scholar: Islam Needs a Renewal of Reason

    Samir Khalil Samir, National Catholic Register

    The Muslims identified as the perpetrators of the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks in Paris were from some of the most secular parts of northern Europe, where Christianity, especially Catholicism, is weakest.

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    If the Dead Could Speak

    Human Rights Watch
    Since the beginning of Syria’s uprising in 2011, many have died in detention facilities run by the Syrian government’s notorious mukhabarat (security agencies).

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  • Isis Inc: Loot and taxes keep jihadi economy churning

    Isis Inc: Loot and taxes keep jihadi economy churning0

    Even under jihadi rule, death and taxes remain the two great certainties of life. Some learn that the hard way.

  • IMF Theraphy for Brazil

    IMF Theraphy for Brazil0

    MONTEVIDEO – Brazil’s economy is in intensive care. And its intensifying political crisis – impeachment proceedings have now been initiated against President Dilma Rousseff for allegedly using irregular accounting maneuvers to disguise the size of the budget deficit – is raising serious questions about who can provide the much-needed treatment.

  • The Truth About Trade

    The Truth About Trade0

    Trade negotiators rarely get to celebrate a victory. The United States, for example, has been negotiating over 15 bilateral free trade agreements, with none concluded since the Korea-US agreement was finalized at the end of 2010.

  • The Future of Political Salafism in Egypt and Tunisia

    The Future of Political Salafism in Egypt and Tunisia0

    Salafi movements in the Arab world have for the most part refrained from political participation. Instead, they have typically focused on preaching their conservative religious ideas and engaging in social welfare activities aimed at changing society from below.


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